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About Varied / Student Isabel Pereira18/Female/Portugal Groups :iconpika-pi-4-ever: pika-pi-4-ever
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Isabel Pereira
Artist | Student | Varied

Isabel / Izzy / Brownie

I'm a Multimedia student, recently started to look for ways to earn some money while shooting for the stars to go to university and continue my studies.
I'm into digital art, animation and traditional media, and experiment with different things from time to time. Other mediums (that I don't post as often here) include webdesign, 2D and 3D animation, photography and video.

I may or not be your favourite cup of tea but hopefully it'll still be on your favourite shelf! :) Thank you for your visit. :aww:
Please support me and my work by becoming a Patron or by sharing and following me on the social media below!

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Hello, everyone! This is for my Portuguese followers.

Vou estar no Central Comics Fest 2015, na Casa das Artes (Porto), dias 1 e 2 de agosto! Um evento de cultura pop, banda desenhada, cinema e anime. Venham visitar o evento e digam olá! :)

Link para a página Facebook do evento:…
Bom verão!
Banner by Brownie97


This is my commission list! Here you'll find all you need to know to commission me: prices, examples, contacts, info and all that good stuff.
This should be updated once in a while, with an ongoing commission list to keep track of every project that's being developed, and price changes when need be.

Let's start, shall we?


What I'm most comfortable with drawing:
Animals, furry (anthropomorphic/bipedal animals, cartoon-ish or not), ponies, humans. 
OC species are also accepted. 
OCs (Original Characters) are preferred, but canon characters (from real series, from the web or not) are okay as well.

What I will NOT draw:
NSFW art, extreme gore or strong adult themes.


Commission List!

- Empty (for now!)


Banner-prices by Brownie97

Sticker-style: A chibi-ish version of a character, in sticker form (standalone, transparent), with cel-shading.
Page buddies and Journal header characters also fall into this category.

 - price: 10€

  - + additional characters: 2€ each

Magenta/Blue by Brownie97


Full-body: A rendered character (lighting and shading), in either a transparent or simple background.

- price: 20€

  - + additional characters: 5€ each
   - + background: 2€

Commission - Autumn by Brownie97


Full piece: Exactly what it means! One or more characters, placed in a scenario, with a full background and shading.

- price: 30€

  - + additional characters: 5€ each
   - + background: 2€

Fireplace's Light by Brownie97


New additions!

(prices were missing! fixed)
A story brought from you, and drawn by me! You provide me with a script, and things go from there. 

- comic strip (see example below): 20€
- comic page: 35€ each

 + backgrounds:- 5€
 + colour: 2€
w/shading: 5€
Comic Commission - Complete! by Brownie97

 (new!) Character Animation : A small animation, featuring either OC's or official characters. Backgrounds are optional.

- chibi: 30€
- normal: 40€

-standing character in ground
- in scenery: +10€
+ shading and lighting effects: +10€

Izzychib-gif by Brownie97


Flash storybook: A Flash application for presenting a story, in a storybook-ish manner. Similar to Flash storytelling apps you can find out there. You can provide your own art and a story script and seek my help for putting the app together, or you can provide a story script and the characters' and let me take care of art and coding.

- prices: 
- my own art:
art by commissioner: 50€


Banner-info by Brownie97

- My e-mail is You can use it to contact me, for placing your commission or for asking for help with any questions that may rise.

I accept payment through PayPal only.

Please send me good-quality reference pieces, images and/or sheets that you think might be useful, as well as any important info about the characters! These are really important, as without them I don't have much to work with, and don't have any way to know how difficult the piece will be or what kind of impact the piece should have.

I have the right to decline requests if their difficulty is too high. I might be able to draw most things, but I have my limits too!

- If I accept your request but still find it difficult, I might ask for a small extra fee. It won't be anything significant, but it depends on what you're asking for.

- The finished product can be used by the commissioner for non-commercial purposesand will be uploaded on my art accounts (find them below!) for promotional purposes. If you don't want me to share the finished commission piece and/or prefer to do it yourself, please include my name and dA and Tumblr links so other people can find me online! (Such links can be provided by me, but you can also find them on my main page or at the end of this page.)

- With school taking most of my time when it's not Summer, bigger and more complex commissions might take more time to completeIf you want it to be done by a certain time, please tell me your deadline!

For the Full Piece commissions: due to their complexity, I will provide you with occasional WIP images so you can see the progress done on the commission! I'll use for this. Please feel free to comment on them and inform me of any changes that you might want me to make.

- I will also send you a WIP sketch for any request over Sketch requests (for obvious reasons). so you can see if the character's poses and other things are of your liking!


For any other info or questions you might want answered, contact me over Note or e-mail!

Thank you for your time, and I hope you'll consider my services!


Here are a few places where you can find me!

dA: Brownie97 (you're already here!)
Tumblr: - personal blog: watching-the-summer-stars
art blog: izzybrownieart
Facebook: izzybrownieart
Patreon: Isabel Pereira

Sugar Web by Brownie97

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